Thursday, August 23, 2012

Financial Therapy Association Conference

by Ryan Law

Welcome back to school and our Financial Tip! We took a break from writing the Tip over the summer but we are all set to get it back underway for the semester.

This summer a good portion of my time was filled up planning for an exciting conference that we have coming to the University of Missouri in September. I want to tell you a little bit more about the organization and invite you to attend the conference.

The organization is the Financial Therapy Association – it is a new organization that started in Manhattan, Kansas a few years ago. Financial Therapy has been described as the integration of cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational, and economic aspects that promote financial health[i]. Financial Therapists are interested in helping people achieve their financial goals by looking at all aspects of a person’s life. Often this involves helping clients explore their beliefs and emotions about money and how those were formed. Financial Therapists seek to understand how and why people make (or in many cases, don’t make) positive changes in their lives.

Financial Therapists can be found operating their own offices, working within a financial counseling or planning office[ii], or in many cases financial planners and others are becoming educated in the basics of financial therapy so they can assist their clients more fully.

The field of financial therapy brings together many different disciplines, including financial planning, financial counseling, estate planners, marriage and family therapy, psychology, social work and more.

The Personal Financial Planning department at the University of Missouri is excited to be hosting the 3rd annual Financial Therapy Association conference. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, the media, and policymakers to share research and practice methods and models of financial therapy. The conference will be held September 23-25, 2012 and is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the field and hearing current research, including students (students get in for a much lower cost and attending a conference like this is a GREAT way to network with professionals in the field). For financial planners or counselors with the CFP® or AFC® designation you can also get continuing education credits for attending various sessions.

Carl Richards, author of The Behavior Gap[iii] and Clyde Anderson, author and weekly CNN contributor[iv], will be our keynote speakers. Both will be signing copies of their books at the conference. There are also sessions on everything from motivational interviewing to estate planning and everything in between. You can see the full schedule at the conference website.

We would like to invite YOU to attend the conference. If you sign up before Aug 31 you get early-bird pricing on your registration.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

You can learn more and register here:


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