Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Credit Card Website

As a consumer, it pays to be smart when choosing and using a credit card.


The Federal Reserve Board, whose goal it is to protect the credit rights of consumers, has launched a new website at

to help consumers better understand the new credit card protections that took effect in February and provide general, unbiased information about credit cards, credit scores and credit laws.

 Important features of the website include:


·         Basic facts about common credit card options, interest rates, and fees

·         Interactive features that  allow consumers to learn more about credit card offers and the new features of their monthly statements

·         An online credit card repayment calculator that provides estimates of how long it will take to pay off a credit card balance and help consumers develop a plan for paying off their balance sooner (English & Spanish)

·         A glossary of common credit card terms for quick reference

·         A list of federal credit protection laws

·         Links to resources for consumers who are experiencing problems with their accounts

·         Printable PDFs of 3 consumer publications

§  What You Need to Know: New Credit Card Rules

§  5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Credit Card (English & Spanish)

§  5 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score (English & Spanish)

·         Articles about a variety of topics including:

§  Interest rates

§  Fees

§  Lost or stolen cards

§  Billing errors

§  Managing credit

§  And more


We encourage you to spend some time on the site learning more about credit cards and your consumer rights.

Ryan H. Law, M.S., AFC

Department of Personal Financial Planning

Office for Financial Success Director

University of Missouri Center on Economic Education Director


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