Thursday, April 16, 2009

Better Living

Most of you know that on Wednesday, April 22, we’re having a Symposium at the University of Missouri entitled Financial Success in a Challenging Environment . I have attached a copy of the agenda to this email, if you’d like a reminder of the content and speakers. We’re excited about what we have prepared for you and we expect around 200 professionals and others to attend. Since we’ve been very focused on the last-minute details of our Symposium, it has been a very busy week. As a result, this week’s tip is going to be short.

One of the ways we improve our chances for financial success is to make the most of what we have, without sacrificing and, perhaps, enhancing our quality of life. MU Extension has published Solutions for Better Living in These Tough Economic Times to provide everyone with ideas on what they can do to reduce life’s costs, while enhancing life’s qualities. The topics covered are Money Matters, Aging, Housing, Food and Fitness, Health, and Relationships. It is a great resource for families, as well as a teaching resource for educators, as many youth only know the practices of their families and not those employed by others. I think the points within each article could lead to great family and classroom discussions.

Click on the title above, or redirect your browser to: , if you’d like to see what University of Missouri Extension has prepared for you. As always, please forward this email to others that may benefit from its contents.

I hope to see you at our Symposium.

- Robert O. Weagley, Ph.D., CFP(r)
Chair, Personal Financial Planning
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

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