Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spring Courses - OFS Award Winner!

I'm out of state at a conference this week ... Tomorrow I will be accepting an award on behalf of our Office for Financial Success which is being recognized by the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Educators as the Financial Counseling Center of the Year.

A couple things I wanted to bring to your attention this week:
- In addition to the tip being e-mailed, the tip is also posted to a blog site each week ( - this is a good way to read the tip if the e-mail comes 'garbled' ...

- An archive of tips [sorted categorically] is available at:

- The Financial Survival & Success one-credit courses are available this spring (see below). There are NO PREREQUISITES for either class.

FINPLN 1183 (Financial Survival).
A one-credit course geared to underclassmen; class focus is on "student-specific" financial issues: credit cards, student loans, debt management, avoiding common financial pitfalls, credit issues, etc. Offered pass/fail.
Reference #77602
Thursdays -- 2:00-2:50
Meets once/week for full semester
Instructor - Dr. Mark Oleson

FINPLN 4483 (Financial Success).
A one-credit course geared to upperclassmen; class focuses on common post-graduation financial issues: Beginning Investing (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.), Retirement Planning (401(k)s, IRAs), Managing loan and other accumulated debt after graduation, Insurance issues, Purchasing a home, etc. Offered pass/fail.
Reference #82422
Tuesdays -- 2:00-2:50
Meets once/week for full semester
Instructor - Dr. Mark Oleson

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