Thursday, November 2, 2006

Personal Finance - Educational Resources

It is amazing the amount of resources available in the area of Personal Finance. Some resources are stellar, some are poor, and a whole lot fall in between. My objective this week is to expose you to some of these resources [the better ones]. Keep in mind that this is not an endorsement for any of them – my hope is that you’ll be able to find some that will be beneficial to you [as a teacher, a parent, a student, or whatever situation you find yourself in]. You will find that some of the resources are geared toward beginners; others are geared toward individuals that have a good understanding of beginning personal finance principles … all of these resources [at least the basic information] are available at no cost. This should not be considered an exhaustive list of resources, merely a broad brush stroke. Here are a dozen different resources covering various aspects of personal finance:

* Checkbook Basics
* FDIC - Money Smart
* Florida State - Fundamentals of Financial Planning
* Freddie Mac - Credit Smarts
* MoneySKILL
* MU Extension - Info Sheets
* My Money
* NEFE - Get Smart About Your Money
* NEFE - High School Financial Planning Program
* Practical Money Skills for Life
* Rutgers - Investing for your Future
* Smart Money - Investing 101

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